Introducing STEM Cultivation...

An all-in-one "cultivation-as-a-service" solution provider.  For the past 12 months we've been in "stealth mode" perfecting our technology for a June 2018 launch. 

We supply virtually everything needed to begin growing immediately:  portable weather-proof infrastructure; expert growers; streamlined processes; and advanced agritech.  Setup is fast and straight forward.  Just plug and grow!

This is not a horizontal grow operation squeezed into a box.  Our patent-pending solution is wicked efficient and optimized for high-quality, low-cost precision production.  We use industry-leading grow technology, precision automation, and clever geometry to maximize plant growth in three-dimensions, which creates over 420 sq ft of plant canopy in a sealed environment free of bugs, pesticides, and pollutants.

Without sacrificing quality, we have shown that our approach increases crop yields by multiple factors compared with horizontal growing over the same footprint, but with far more cost-efficient uses of space, energy, and water.