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STEM Cultivation manufactures and delivers a universal agronomy solution driven by the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math.

STEM Box Beta Customer Proposal


STEM Cultivation, Inc., a Boston-based agri-tech & services company for commercial growers, is looking to partner with a licensed cultivator to host a beta site for our v2.0 STEM Box.

The v2 STEM Box is a self-contained, precision-controlled grow room designed to produce 40-60 lbs. (dry) of flower per harvest and operates independently alongside existing grow operations.

STEM Cultivation proposes to ship, assemble, and operate one STEM Box at the client site for one harvest, and donate 100% of the harvest in exchange for hosting.

No additional personnel or infrastructure are required of the host cultivator. Upon approval by the cultivator to operate within their facility, STEM Cultivation experts will be responsible for the STEM Box's entire setup and operation.

Upon completion of the beta test, the host cultivator may choose to partner with STEM Cultivation and keep the box operational (under separate contract), or STEM Cultivation will disassemble and remove the STEM Box.

Beta Site Specifications

STEM Cultivation supplies:

• Operational STEM Box (shipping & assembly included)

• Lights, HVAC, air filtration & sterilization

• Grower/box operator (approved by host)

• Nutrients

Host cultivator supplies:

• Secure, licensed and fully-compliant site

• Continuous power and water

v2 STEM Box Operational Details:

• Dimensions: 30' (L) x 10' (W) x 10' (H)

• Setup space (indoors): 400 sq. ft.

• Setup time: 3 days

• Plant capacity: 480

• Est. production capacity: 40-60 lbs. (strain specific)

• Electricity requirements: 120/240VAC, Single Phase, 100A Main Breaker

• Est. electricity usage: ~400kWh/day

• Est. peak water usage: ~150 gal./day

Interested in becoming a STEM Box beta site? Email